Fireplaces and its crackling and the smell of burning wood - can there be a nicer view? Even in the summer evenings, fireplaces produce incomparable atmosphere. But not always know how to choose a fireplace ...

Deciding on a fireplace, separate from the functional aesthetic. First of all, you can opt for an open fireplace, fireplace insert or free-standing stove. We must also decide on the material of which our fireplace is made of granite or marble?

Few interior arouse feelings as hot as fireplaces. They are a symbol of hearth and home, is associated with peace, security and the natural rhythm of life without haste. When the cold and gray, just a fireplace brings together members of the household and heated tempers. Introduces into the house two things particularly valuable: friendly light and heat.

People usually treat as an important decorative fireplaces, interior, see to it that adorned a living room and gave him warmth and elegance, even when it does not burn in the fire. And they are certainly the most elegant fireplaces with granite or marble.

And what fireplace you choose for yourself?

Maybe it's a traditional fireplace with open hearth and recesses on the timber? Or a modern fireplace, placed in a simple shape, in which its presence flashing fire, neatly enclosed by large glass screen? Do you prefer a fireplace set into the wall along with other standard features living room, if the original object looks like a remarkable guy who visited the house? Perhaps most important is that our fireplace warmed the house, allowed the practice to use the warmth of wood burned in it?

We offer a variety of fireplaces: large and small, stylish and modern, with granite and marble.